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Language Corps

This is my classroom at the Marady in Phnom Penh. We finished two weeks of teacher training where we learned about lesson planning, classroom management and effective teaching. Our group of thirteen teachers in training split up last weekend. Some of us have stayed in Cambodia while others will finish their training and apply for jobs in both Thailand and Vietnam.



Language Corps

Today was our second day of teacher training class. My program is great so far. We’re learning teaching techniques and about cultural differences. We have 13 people in the class, so we’re relatively small. My classmates are from all over the USA, but one is also a California girl who went to U of O. Our class will separate in a couple weeks as people will be moving to Vietnam, Thailand and China. A couple people will stay in Cambodia like me.
The photo is the view from my room at the Marady Hotel where our class also takes place.


Last night in USA


I went to dinner with Mom, Dad, Ally and Eamonn in Redwood City. What a great send off!!

I’m currently waiting in the airport in Taipei for my second flight. The first flight was thirteen and half hours but surprisingly went by fast. I’ll meet my friend, Anthony, at the airport in Phnom Penh in about five hours!