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Teacher Training

I’ve been in Cambodia now for about four weeks. It has really flown by! Tonight, I have my last teacher training class, and then I will receive my TESOL certificate to teach English internationally.

The past couple weeks especially have been quite busy. I’ve been taking a Khmer language course everyday. We’ve covered a ton of material, but I still need a lot more practice. I have learned to negotiate tuk tuk rides and am now getting a rate slightly closer to a local’s rate. (A tuk tuk is a motorbike with a carriage attached and is the main form of transportation in Phnom Penh.)

We’ve also been student teaching at an orphanage and at our hotel’s language school. My students are beginners aged 6-10. They are super high energy, as all kids are, and are excited to learn.

One day this week, at the orphanage, we learned the work “play” along with many other words. I asked my students what things they like to play and gave examples such as: we can play football, and we can play badminton. We moved on to a different word without any student examples. One of my students came up to me after class, pulled out a yoyo and said, “Teacher, I play yoyo.” He remembered one of words and then applied it to his own life. What a success!

Last week, at our hotel’s language school, we learned about Halloween. We watched a short video clip about trick-or-treating in USA and read a scary ghost story. Ghost stories are super popular here. I modified a USA ghost story and renamed it the Mekong River Monster. (The Mekong River runs through Phnom Penh.) My students were great at reading and answering the comprehension questions. In the story, the monster ate children, so that was a bit tricky for them to forget.

At the end of class, we practiced trick-or-treating. I walked out of class, closed the door, had students knock on the door and do the whole trick-or-treating process. They thought this was hilarious!


Some of the girls in my class.

They insisted I be in picture too.


Last day of class


Beach weekend in Sihanoukville

Last weekend we went to the beaches of Sihanoukville. We woke up at a quarter to five and loaded up in our twelve passenger vans. Our van was piled high with scuba gear and luggage. Many in our group were headed directly to their next training in Thailand at the end of the weekend.

We arrived at Otres beach about 9am, had a delicious western breakfast and prepped for our snorkeling and scuba trip. We packed up our inflatable motorboat with all our gear and headed out into water. Our group included two guys from my program, two girls who were learning to scuba dive, our English teacher/scuba instructor/ motor cycle enthusiast and and local scuba instructor.

I went snorkeling with the two guys from my program while the others went scuba diving. It was awesome! The coral was the most interesting part because there was so much variety. We were kept a little on edge though from the plethora of poisonous, black sea erchants close to the surface.

After about thirty or forty minutes of snorkeling, a dark cloud came over us. A huge rain storm complete with thunder and lightning began. It was incredible, a bit scary and beautiful.

We waited for our scuba crew to finish up and then headed back to shore. Our boat was a bit defective and stalled about a dozen times on our way back. When we got close enough to shore, we ended up hopping out of the boat and pulling it by hand to the shore. It was quite the adventure!

Attached is a photo of me after our excursion.

Here is most of my Language Corps group at a great breakfast on Saturday morning.

Beach side 🙂

Saturday night we had an all you can eat crab dinner. It cost us each a steep $8.