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Cambodia round 2

January 5th 2015

I decided to go home for the holidays and have returned to Phnom Penh after a two and a half week stay in California. It was amazing going home. The timing was right and being able to regroup with family and friends was helpful and enjoyable.

Before I left for home in mid December, I accepted a Grade 4 teaching job at Heritage International School in the city center of Phnom Penh. I did a week of training in the classroom with many of the students I will be teaching. The students are fairly competent in English which is what I was looking for in a teaching position. Our principal wants students to develop their critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and advanced writing skills, so I am very excited to be teaching this class! My first day of teaching on my own is tomorrow. Eek!

Before heading home, I also accepted an internship with a speech therapy organization called OIC: The Cambodia Project. OIC is a project or department of the larger organization CABDICO, an Australian based speech therapy organization. Because of my teaching job, I will be working part time with OIC and will be doing most of my work remotely. OIC seems like a great project as they value ethical and thoughtful development, so it will be a great learning experience.

It is strange to be back in Cambodia after spending time at home with family and friends. I guess it is time to continue growing my network here. I look forward to what’s ahead!


Choosing a path

December 2014

I am searching for jobs currently in Cambodia. I have finished my training course so am now TESOL certified to teach. The course was a great experience as I was able to work directly with Cambodian students.

We did a trip to Thailand for a few days after the course which I felt a bit guilty about but enjoyed nonetheless. The course was demanding, so it was nice to just tour about Southeast Asia for a change.

I returned from Thailand, unfortunately with a bad flu bug, and began the job hunt and apartment hunt. Our program helped us out a bit with both which was great. We were able to find an apartment in a great part of the city. Many of the places we frequent are now within walking distance. No more paying excessive tuk tuk fares!

For the job hunt, our program went with us to drop off resumes at various schools. I have had a few job interviews so far and have been offered two jobs to teach kindergarten. I am still in the interview process and am hoping to get an offer for a more advanced age group.

I have two interviews tomorrow. If I do not receive any other offers, I am considering visiting home for the holidays and then beginning one of the kindergarten jobs in the new year.

Most of the people I know here will not be in Cambodia for Christmas, so I am unsure if I want to stay here for Christmas for a job I am not too excited about. Starting a job and adjusting to life here, outside of my structured teaching training course, may be a smart decision. Going home and regrouping and doing some seasonal work, possibly holiday baby sitting, may be smart too. As of now I am uncertain of which choice to make.