Cambodia round 2

January 5th 2015

I decided to go home for the holidays and have returned to Phnom Penh after a two and a half week stay in California. It was amazing going home. The timing was right and being able to regroup with family and friends was helpful and enjoyable.

Before I left for home in mid December, I accepted a Grade 4 teaching job at Heritage International School in the city center of Phnom Penh. I did a week of training in the classroom with many of the students I will be teaching. The students are fairly competent in English which is what I was looking for in a teaching position. Our principal wants students to develop their critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and advanced writing skills, so I am very excited to be teaching this class! My first day of teaching on my own is tomorrow. Eek!

Before heading home, I also accepted an internship with a speech therapy organization called OIC: TheĀ Cambodia Project. OIC is a project or department of the larger organization CABDICO, an Australian based speech therapy organization. Because of my teaching job, I will be working part time with OIC and will be doing most of my work remotely. OIC seems like a great project as they value ethical and thoughtful development, so it will be a great learning experience.

It is strange to be back in Cambodia after spending time at home with family and friends. I guess it is time to continue growing my network here. I look forward to what’s ahead!


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