Ride to Work in Phnom Penh

On my daily ride to work:
I ride on my bike by Independence Monument, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the city, everyday on my fifteen minute commute to work. I wind through the streets of the BKK 1 district where I see coffee vendors selling from their brightly decorated carts. I see hard working women doing construction; they’ve inevitably been up for hours before me. I wind through traffic literally dodging cars, tuk tuks and motos all closely approaching. On the block of my school, I pass a welding site where I am careful not to get too close. The sparks from the craftsmen fly into the street, and I tend to avoid flying fire as a general rule. All the men are dressed in flip flops and will be finishing up their shift by the time I take lunch. I buy mangoes today, seven for $2, from the man by the welding site selling them from a wicker basket atop his motorbike. He always keeps them beautifully displaced and thoughtfully stacked upon each other.
I have come to realize happy times in Cambodia should be celebrated. I get bogged down in the frustrations sometimes. It is nice to look up and take the nice things in.


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