Khmer Women

I have a greater appreciation for women here. Even when I do not speak Khmer, it can be easy to connect with the Cambodian women. I have found there is often strength but openness with them. For example, there are the old women who sit in the alley where I live, chatting and tending to their baby grandchildren all day long. They are kind, loving and always laughing with their families. Even though I do not speak Khmer and the women do not speak English, I feel like we have an understanding. I smile big at the woman who lives next door to me when I pass, and she always gives an equally large, thoughtful smile back. I trust that she is providing me some sort of protection here. There is no way someone would break into my home, a sort of common occurrence, or harm us with this kindhearted and strong woman next door. It would not happen. I am grateful for her protection.


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